King’s Empire (iPhone)
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It has been exactly 100 years since our civilization was ravaged by invaders. 100 years of our people dreaming of a leader emerging to lead the kingdom to it’s former glory. Now that you’ve assumed the throne, it’s your fate to lead our empire to greatness. Under your leadership, the King’s Empire will strike fear into the hearts of it’s enemies.

On your quest to restore the glory of the empire you’ll construct buildings and collect resources, research technologies and upgrades, and enlist powerful allies in epic battles against real players from around the world.

King’s Empire Features:

-Found and join powerful Alliances
-Construct and manage multiple cities
-Occupy territory to expand your empire
-An online world with thousands of real players
-Enlist different tactics to reach your goal of world influence
-Real-time chat with players from around the world

At this moment we have no Cheats for this game but we will add them soon! So check back often to find the latest cheats. If you know cheats, secrets, tips, hints, glitches or codes for this game then please Submit them with comment box. You will not only help other gamers but also us! And you can always download our game guide and tips ebook from the button below.

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  1. Rowland says:

    its very easy to play there r no cheats unless u hack into the creaters whole system and change stuff but itll b 4 everyone and tips and stategy varies from players but i advize many archers soldiers and templars make your castle max first so u get speed advantage and work on barracks and living quarters for gold and troops which u need badly then work on your warehouse so u can train troops castle main others alternating and u craftsman contracts for other updates use gems wisely and Don’t attack anyone higher in rank than u u r welcome 4 the tips that i’ve learned and been taught advized and told and I’ve gained 6million in 6 months

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